10 productive things you can do during this lockdown

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1. Learn a language

Whether you want to brush up on your English, read some Urdu shaairi, or learn an entirely new language, this is your chance! With a wide selection of YouTube videos and online tutorials at your disposal, use this time to make your tongue and mind sharper.

2. Add some personality to your space

Tired of seeing the same spaces in your house? Rearrange your furniture, paint a wall, and fill empty spaces with pictures and art. Get creative! This is the only time you’ll get to turn your house upside down and get a new perspective.

3. Learn to cook something new

It’s a difficult time for everyone and you don’t need to learn a professional seven-course meal. Find videos online and create fancy dishes using common pantry items. Did you know you know you can cook an egg in more than 50 ways?

4. Stretch out with a yoga class

If you’re trying to de-stress and stay healthy, you’ll be happy to know that many workout platforms are streaming online classes for you to join! While some places are running paid classes, many instructors run free live sessions on Instagram/Facebook everyday.

5. Repair your clothes

That pair of pants you love with the big hole in them? Yeah, maasi isn’t going to come and stitch it up for you. Grab a needle and thread and get to work. A few minutes of hard work and dedication will breathe new life into your wardrobe.

6. Learn to code

In this digital age, learning how to code can put you at a major advantage. This is a highly sought after skill that can help your job applications once this lockdown ends.

7. Write a journal

There is a zero commitment policy with journaling. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s crazy dreams, your best ideas, doodling, a list of goals, or inspirational quotes.

8. Learn first aid

This is a life-saving skill that isn’t taught enough. It’s always better to be prepared for an emergency, especially these days when hospitals are overwhelmed and you may not want to leave self-isolation for a relatively minor injury.

9. Read or listen to a book

Take a break from life. Dive deep into the different worlds of your favorite authors and discover your imagination once again. If you get tired of reading, you can listen to Audiobooks that are readily available online for free.

10. Set boundaries

Unlimited access to the Internet can be overwhelming. Cut down the hours you spend online and take a break from friends if you need to. You don’t have to feel like there’s an obligation to achieve something great during this lockdown. Doing small things, one day at a time, can also keep you busy and healthy. Make sure you take care of your mental health!


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