Exclusive Interview with Ashar Aziz


Ashar Aziz is a tech genius and entrepreneur from Pakistan known for founding the cybersecurity company FireEye. He recently started Sky Electric in Pakistan which promises energy solutions using smart solar power.

In this comprehensive interview Mr. Aziz speaks about the advantages of solar power, what entrepreneurs should be doing, whether or not to build large dams and many other fascinating topics. 

A breakdown of the questions asked:

0:44 - Tell us about your early life in Pakistan

4:16 - How did the idea for FireEye come about?

8:09 - What can an ordinary person do to protect his/her privacy online

10:56 - What do you think about the cybersecurity situation in Pakistan and how do you think attacks on banks can be prevented in the future?

14:08 - Does AI represent a significant threat to cybersecurity in the future

15:35 - Have you ever worked with the Pakistani government against cyber attacks?

16:24 - How did you go from the idea of cyber security to creating smart solar power with Sky Electric?

18:53 - How is Sky Electric’s product different from conventional solar power?

25:33 - What percentage of Pakistan’s energy can solar power contribute to?

30:24 - What other forms of energy production like wind etc have potential in Pakistan? Is solar power the best solution?

33:06 What’s your personal view on the construction of big dams in Pakistan? Do you think there are better solutions?

34:31 - How much of Pakistan’s power would you want to be solar?

35:53 - What are the hurdles you face in making solar power contribute to a large portion of Pakistan’s energy?

39:13 - Have you approached the government with your ideas or have they approached you?

42:10 - What advice would you give to a budding tech entrepreneur or start up in Pakistan?

43:31 - Do you have any plans to invest in startups or ideas in Pakistan?

45:41 - What are some of the technical problems in Pakistan that startups should try to solve?

48:21 What do you think the government should do to help tech entrepreneurs in Pakistan and what do you think we can do to get more foreign investment in Pakistan?


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