In the words of his proud father: Flt Lt Umer Shahzad (Shaheed)

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September 24th, 2016: An F7-PG aircraft that had taken off from M.M.Alam (Mianwali) air base plummeted to the ground near Jamrud, KPK, after experiencing a technical failure. The faulty aircraft took with it a young and vibrant officer, Flight Lieutenant Umer Shehzad.

Flt Lt Umer Shehzad Shaheed was commissioned in the Pakistan Air force in 130th GD(P) and was awarded the sword of honor. Flt Lt Umer Shehzad was the son of Air Commodore Asif Shehzad, a decorated officer and a proud father. Upon his retirement, Air Cdre Asif Shehzad posted a note on his facebook that is reminiscent of his illustrious career and his son who will live forever.</p> is a safer place because of people like you and your son.Thank you for your services to this nation.



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    Nov. 10, 2020

    I acknowledge the prayers and nice words expressed for Shaheed Flt Lt Umer Shahzad. I feel elevated to see the praising words for my shaheed son. Asif Shahzad, Air Cdre (R)

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