Momina does another cover of Ko Ko Korina, and the reaction is the same as before

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As if Momina Mustehsan’s Coke Studio rendition of the Ahmed Rushdi classic Ko Ko Korina wasn’t
enough, the singer decided to belt out another version.
Momina shared a video of herself doing another cover of Ko Ko Korina with the Leo Twins, captioning it,
“Aik maheena of trolling ki khushi mai, iak aur tohfa. With love”

She still lacks the finesse to carry off a classic song such as this one, and things didn’t go down too well.
Fans lashed out at her for even trying: “Stop trying so hard,” while another said, “Sharam tum ko Phir ni

One person commented, “You may have thought baraaalapublicity stunt hai ye but you're still a fail.”
Someone else thought that Ahad Raza Mir was smart for keeping himself away, leaving Momina to deal
with the outrage: “Dusranamoonakidrchorayiho. TmharibajaknikalgayaAhadRrazaMir.”

Still another Instagrammer thought that Momina really deserved an award for her persistence if nothing
else: “One Quaid Azam bravery award should also go to Madam for attempting #KoKoKorina again.
Someone tell aunty Mazari,” referring to Muniba Mazari.
This person had some very sincere advice for Momina, essentially calling her desperate for attention:
“Honey you need to stop and realize that you can't get anywhere with ruining this song again and again.

We all forgot about the wholekokokorinafiasco and here you're again seeking attention. When people
come out and express their views you can't handle it and call it cyber bullying. So please have some
respect for your own self.”
There were others, however, who appreciated her effort. “Best come back ever!!! You gogirl,” said one,
while another expressed her love for the star, “You never give up that’s why I love you!”



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