SP Suhai Talpur: lady officer leads counterterrorist operation

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One of the heroes who foiled the attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi is SP Suhai Aziz Talpur – who joined the police in 2013 after clearing the CSS.

Two policemen were martyred in the attack while 3 terrorists were killed in the attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi's Clifton area. The operation was bravely led by SP Talpur who was quick to act in a precarious situation.

The lady officer is from Tando Muhammad Khan district, hailing from a small village called Bhai Khan Talpur. She comes from a lower middle class background.

The lady officer has already overcome many obstacles placed on her by society and has shown tremendous courage in her path.

“When my parents decided to enrol me at a school, most of our relatives started taunting my family. So much so, that my family had to leave our village and move to a nearby town.”

SP Talpur

Her father, Aziz Talpur, has been greatly supporter of his daughter. He is a political activist and writer who has supported her throughout her career.

“My relatives cut off ties with me because I wanted Suhai to study as they were only in favour of religious education. But I vowed to provide my daughter quality education.”

Suhai attended a private school in Tando Muhammad Khan and later joined Bahria Foundation for her intermediate studies.

She then pursued a B.Com degree from the Zubaida Girls College in  Hyderabad.

“My family wanted me to become a chartered accountant but I found the job to be very dull as it had no social value,” she said. “That is when I appeared for CSS and cleared it in the first attempt.”

The young ASP credits her hard work and the support of her parents for her success.

“My parents are nationalists. As a child, they used to emphasise that I memorise Sindhi poetry. This developed my interest in literature and history, leading me to secure top marks in both the subjects in the CSS exams.”

She had earlier become the first woman from lower Sindh to join the police. SP Talpur will now undoubtedly be a shining example of the importance of education for girls.



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