Twitter turns Mira Sethi’s engagement announcement into memes

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Mira Sethi announced her engagement in a heartfelt Instagram post in which she talked about how she met her boyfriend, and now fiancé, Bilal.

“In the spring of 2017, a tall, funny, curly-haired dude walked into my life. I’d known this curly-haired dude all my life – in the way you know your parents’ friends’ kids– but we’d never sought each other out,” she started.

Even though the couple crossed paths at Oxford, where Bilal was completing his PhD, they did not bump into each other until after his return to Lahore. They began hanging out, and Mira said she found herself falling in love.

“I found myself answering his questions with an openness and ease I hadn’t encountered in myself in a long time. My brother joined us. The three of us talked,” Mira went on. “A few days later Bilal lost his mother to pneumonia (she’d had Parkinsons for a decade), and it was a wrenching, difficult time.”

The couple travelled to several countries together. They’d bike together and that’s when he confessed his love for her. Her response, though, wasn’t very romantic, truth be told. “‘Very happy to be here,’ I said moronically, wiping snot off my frozen nose.”

In one part of her post, she talked about how Bilal asked her “Thand tou nai Lag rhi?’ as they cycled through the desert. She further writes: “Theek houn!I’d shout over the wind, pedalling furiously to keep up with him. 

The Internet pounced on the phrase with all the hilarity you can imagine.

Mira graciously took all the jokes in stride.

Of course, someone couldn’t resist pulling her leg.


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